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Lader 6-punkt Motorola bare batteri for MTP3xxx/6xxx/MXP600

Multilader kun for batteri, finnes i flere varianter
6-punkt 18916, 12-punkt 18917, 24-punkt 18918

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Brakett til lader 18938

Battery only charger
No. of Pockets: 6
Modular configurations available: stack up to 4 modules of 6-way chargers. You can purchase ready-made 12- and 24-way battery multi-unit charger kits (to be
ordered separately – include compatible power supplies)
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 90 x 70 x 285 (6-way base only)
Weight: 830g (6-way base only)
Chemistry: LiIon
Intelligent: no (non IMPRES)
Operating voltage AC: 100-240VAC
Operating temperature range: 0 to 50 degrees C
Charging status: LED indicator
No iTM capability
Kit includes 6-way charger base, 90W power supply and EU cord
Compatible wall mount bracket (to order separately): BR000482A01 (can accommodate up to 2 six-way chargers).
A single six-way charger can be used on a desk.
Compatible radios: TETRA MXP600, MTP6000 series, MTP3000 series and MTP850S (requires
adapter AS000403A01 - pack of 6 - for MTP850S compatibility)
Compatible batteries: PMNN4802A, PMNN4801A for MXP600 / NNTN8020B, NNTN8023C, PMNN4522A
for MTP6000 and MTP3000 series / PMNN4351B for
MTP850S (requires adapter AS000403A01 - pack of 6)

Varenummer: 18916 Leverandørvarenr: PMPN4534A
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